Personal Stuff:

​When Ginger isn’t chained to her computer, she pursues her other interests: 

* she’s a vegetarian, who wishes she enjoyed cooking more, but who loves to collect cookbooks.

* an animal lover and advocate, who wishes she could bring home every stray, even against her husband’s wishes, and who asks for a donkey or duck every Christmas.

* a sassy contemplative, who loves to find the joy and lighter side in all situations (or at least most situations).

* a fun-loving traveler, who will drop most anything to head out on the open road in her Jeep Wrangler with a map (no GPS, thank you very much).
* a devoted follower of Jesus, who can’t wait until he makes her perfect. Not that she would brag.

​Ginger is married to Scott, has a beautiful, but crazy, Doberman, Ruby Red, and has a stepdaughter, son-in-law, three more-than-awesome grandkids, and a grand-Great Dane. And for the record, she's proud of them all--even the wacky canines.

​Her family attends Willow Creek Community Church, where she served on the drama ministry team.

Professional Stuff:

Ginger Kolbaba is a bestselling, award-winning author,
editor, and speaker.  

She has written or contributed to more than 35 books, including Breakthrough, recently released as a major motion picture, the Gold Medallion-nominated Refined by Fire (which also received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly), the Golden Scroll-nominated and Readers' Favorite Bronze award-winning We All Come Home, and her novel series Secrets from Lulu’s Café.

She is a contributing editor for Focus on the Family magazine and has published more than 500 magazine and online articles. 

In the publishing industry for more than two decades (she started very young), Ginger is the former editor of Today’s Christian Woman magazine, Marriage Partnership magazine, and the founding editor of, all award-winning resources of Christianity Today.

She has spoken at national and international conferences,
guest lectured on college campuses, and has appeared on national media outlets such as CNN Headline News (Nancy Grace), Court TV, Moody Midday Connection, and Family Life radio. She’s been quoted in national and international news outlets such as Newsweek, Chicago Sun-Times, and Daily Mirror.

​​Ginger graduated summa cum laude with a BA in pre-law/American Studies and a double minor in theater arts and Bible. After a five-year stint working as a professional actress/singer (and in three shows in which she tap danced), she left that field for the more solitary, but only slightly less neurotic, role of a writer/editor. One of her favorite things is to help others strengthen their skills, their relationships, and their joy.

Another favorite: she still dons her tap shoes and shuffles over her hardwood floors . . . much to the dismay of her husband and dog.