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The 5 Sex Needs of Men & Women

A straightforward and candid look at the different sex needs that both men and women bring to a marriage. This book doesn’t cover sexual techniques; instead, the specifics include the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of sex. This book opens the lines of communication so a couple can openly discuss their needs and experience sexual intimacy according to God's design.

Refined by Fire
2005 Gold Medallion finalist!  When hijacked American Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, LTC (RET) Brian Birdwell (now Texas State Senator) was only 15 to 20 yards away. He stepped into the corridor and was instantly engulfed in flames—burns consumed 60 percent of his body, with almost 40 percent of them third-degree. Thirty-plus operations and countless physical therapy sessions later, his recovery has truly been remarkable, and spiritually he and his family are stronger than ever before. Brian and his wife, Mel, tell their captivating story of God's grace and sovereignty.
Until We All Come Home
2013 Golden Scroll Award finalist!  When Kim de Blecourt and her husband decided to adopt a child from Ukraine, they knew the process might be challenging. Nothing, however, could have prepared de Blecourt for the twisted nightmare she would endure. During her year-long struggle to extricate her newly-adopted little boy from that post-Soviet country's corrupt social service and judicial systems, de Blecourt was intimidated, physically assaulted, and arrested. Worse, her months of loneliness, worry, and fear drove her to the brink of spiritual despair. But God had no intention of abandoning de Blecourt or her family. Her amazing story—culminating in a spine-chilling race to freedom—offers dramatic proof that God's light shines on even in the deepest darkness.
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Your Best Happily Ever After

Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty. These beloved stories all conclude with, “and they lived happily ever after.” We sigh, smile, and know there’s an amazing story of love, adventure, and redemption coming.
     We yearn for a fairy tale life, but too often our existence feels less like the pages of a storybook and more like a bad reality TV show. From poisoned apples (mistakes) and ugly stepsisters (joy-stealers) to magic mirrors (finding real beauty) and glass slippers (God’s perfect calling for us), the truth is that we can live the perfect story—the happily ever after--that the Author has written for our lives, now, regardless of our circumstances!
     Through fairy tales and biblical insight, encouragement, challenges, and a little humor, Ginger shows us how to live and love our stories in the here and now.

The Old Fashioned Way

Contrary to popular opinion, being "old fashioned" doesn't mean you're dull or unromantic. In fact, a true old-fashioned relationship can be more exciting and romantic than anything you've ever experienced!

     Inspired by the movie Old Fashioned, this book takes you on a 40-day journey to help you reclaim the lost art of romance by introducing you to romantic love as God intended--for all of us. Regardless of your past experiences, where you've been, or where you are now, you can find and create a love that will last a lifetime.


Generational IQ

Why is my daughter drifting from God? Why can’t I explain my life choices to my parents? When will my son get a real job? Within the last several decades, the world has shifted dramatically. The problem is we tend to overreact to these changes, fearing that Christianity is dying. Haydn Shaw, a generational expert, shows us the roots of this generational shift and how it affects each of us. Every generation, whether it’s the aging Boomers or the young Millennials, approaches God with a different set of questions and needs based on the times in which they grew up. Haydn walks you through these generational differences and paints a vision of hope for the future.

Surprised by Remarriage

The realities of being a second wife can shock any newly remarried woman--from gaining stepchildren, to dealing with unhealed relationships and ghosts of relationships past, to overcoming feelings of loneliness and misunderstanding--they all can be found in a new remarriage. But there's hope to successfully maneuver these and other common pitfalls of the previously wed. Not only can a remarriage thrive, it can bless others and be used by God in remarkable ways.

The Impossible: The Miraculous Story of a Mother's Faith and Her Son's Resurrection

When Joyce Smith’s fourteen-year-old son John fell through an icy lake one winter morning, she and her family had seemingly lost everything. At the hospital, John lay lifeless for more than sixty minutes. But Joyce wasn't ready to give up on her son. She cried out to God and miraculously, her son’s heart immediately started beating again.
     In the coming days, John would defy every expert, every case history, and every scientific prediction. Sixteen days after falling through the ice and being clinically dead for an hour, he walked out of the hospital under his own power, completely healed.

     Prayer really does work--and miracles continue to happen.


Waiting for a Miracle
Cyndi Peterson was a successful physician, wife, and mother who had everything she ever dreamed of—yet true peace continued to elude her. Her quest leads her to Medjugorje, where Mary the Mother of God is reported to appear daily. After returning home newly committed to her faith, she faces every mother’s deepest fear: her newborn baby Kelly is terminally ill.
     Upon learning her next baby, Sarah, has the same diagnosis, Cyndi struggles to understand why this has happened to her. How God moves in her life and answers her prayers will both surprise you and deepen your faith.