A Matter of Wife and Death

Book 2 from the Secrets from Lulu's Cafe series

The desperate pastors’ wives are back, dealing with more church and home life troubles. Jennifer desperately wants a baby. Lisa’s teenage daughter is making all sorts of trouble, served up with major attitude, while the church leaders are planning mutiny. Mimi’s newborn, Milo, has lungs of an opera singer and uses them at every occasion. Felicia’s four-year-old, Nicholas, is biting people again. Then there's the snobby Kitty Katt, who's determined to lord it over them all.

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A Cup of Christmas Cheer

Check out Ginger's contribution to this collection of Christmas short stories. 

“The Snow Globe” tells of a young couple who have moved far from family and friends. Their struggles take an interesting turn when they discover their new town’s annual snow globe festival.


Katt's in the Cradle

Book 3 from the Secrets from Lulu's Cafe series

The desperate pastors’ wives have more chaos and antics as they deal with a new pastor’s wife in town. Add in family feuds, a church split gone ugly, and a few secrets that threaten to be revealed, and the adventure never ends.

Desperate Pastors’ Wives

Book 1 from the Secrets from Lulu’s Café series

Four pastors’ wives—Mimi, Lisa, Jennifer, and Felicia—live in the fishbowl of Red River, Ohio. Everyone expects something from them: Gourmet casseroles. Perfect husbands. Well-behaved children. They expect even more of themselves. 


The constant demands and always-ringing phones are enough to drive any sane woman crazy. Add to that the condescending Katherine “Kitty” Katt—self-promoting pastor's wife of the town's largest church—who loves to flaunt her superior position. In the midst of such chaos, will each woman find the one thing she longs for?